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Chad Cochran, hailing from Fredericktown, Ohio, embarked on his photographic journey as a landscape artist, finding allure in the picturesque decay of old barns, homes, and vintage signs. Evolving his craft, Chad seamlessly fused his passion for music with his lens, expanding into compelling portraiture. Now a prominent figure in the "Americana" music scene, he captures the essence of musicians through portraits and live performances. Featured in eminent publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guitar Player, Spin, and No Depression, Chad's work resonates widely. Notably, a segment of his dynamic concert photography is enshrined in the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame archives.


In addition to his photos of live music and landscapes, Cochran is recognized for his impactful mental health series, "I Didn't Want To Tell You." Collaborating with musicians, he offers a platform for candid discussions on mental health, aiming to destigmatize the conversation. Through compelling portraits, Cochran's project unfolds a narrative of resilience and vulnerability. Actively engaging with renowned music festivals, he integrates his project, using his lens to shed light on the intersection of creativity and mental well-being.

Cochran resides in Cleveland, Ohio, and has a studio at the Screw Factory in Lakewood.

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