who is cowtownchad?

Chad Cochran was born and raised in the small town of Fredericktown, Ohio. Wanting nothing more than to escape his rural upbringing, Chad took the first step by attending Bowling Green State University and eventually made his way to Columbus. Eventually missing the connection to small town life, Chad began retracing his roots of the rustic landscapes that surrounded him as a child. His fascination with decaying barns, homes and vintage signs provides him the connection to the small town he grew up in. Chad also has a deep rooted love for music, which has created a presence in the Americana and Traditional Country genre. He attends shows and festivals on a regular basis, photographing your favorite musicians. 

Chad is a member of Cleveland West Art League, Ohio Art League, Cleveland Print Room, and an administrator for the Art and Artists Of
Chad currently resides in Cleveland (Bay Village) Ohio.

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